Lightbow 1.7 - Randomization, WeMo Light Switch


Let's shake things up a little. Anywhere you see a hue, saturation, brightness, or color temperature, you can now (optionally) specify a range of values, and Lightbow will generate a random value each time that color / white is used. 

Several bundled presets use randomization to give you some inspiration towards creating your own. Double-tap any slider knob to transform it into a range (or back), or use the "Randomize Values in Range" switch to activate/deactivate all randomization ranges at once.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.54.00 AM.png

WeMo Light Switch Trigger

When Lightbow is running, it can listen for any changes in your Belkin WeMo light switches. Set up a trigger to activate any preset when that WeMo is switched to off, on, or toggled. Combine this with randomization, and you can have your own light switch rave.

Improvements to the Slider

Lightbow 1.7 addresses most of the problems I had with my original slider design. The knob area is now more obvious and easier to hit. Edges are somewhat magnetic, and therefore also easier to hit. For those interested in hitting specific values with higher sensitivity than a narrow iPhone allows, try this—on any slider knob, touch down, then drag downwards and keep your finger on the screen. The farther down you go, the more subtle your left-right dragging will influence the knob. This is similar to the video scrubbing feature Apple introduced on the iPad for getting to a specific spot in your video.