Lightbow 1.6 - Triggers, Collections, and more!


The biggest addition to Lightbow 1.6 is the ability to trigger any Preset with a variety of events. Set an alarm to wake you up in the morning with a gradual fade-up of sunrise colors. Spice up party games with a five-minute timer ending in a strobe light. Have all your lights reset to the default warm color when you exit Lightbow and return to your iPhone home screen. Shake your phone to trigger a theater lighting cue without looking away from the action. We plan on adding more exciting Triggers in the future, so please write in and let us know what interests you!

If you have a Philips bridge, Alarm and Timer Triggers will be stored on the bridge and activate even when your phone is off. For LIFX and WeMo users, you need Lightbow open for the trigger to fire, for now. For custom transitions like fade-through-color or flashbulb, the Philips bridge cannot store those commands, so if Lightbow is not open, you will see just a normal crossfade at the appropriate time.


Some of you have dozens, or even hundreds of presets! After many requests, Lightbow now lets you organize your presets into Collections, nested as deep as you like. With tools to bulk move, duplicate, and delete just one tap away in Edit mode, managing large numbers of presets just got a whole lot easier.

From the main preset list, just hit "Edit" and look for "New Collection" in the bottom toolbar to get started.

Custom Durations

Time sliders in Lightbow go from zero to five seconds in quarter-second increments to handle what you need most of the time, but for finer-grained control over your transition durations, just tap on the number. You'll get a popup that will let you set minutes and custom fractions of a second.