Lightbow 1.8 - Animations, hue tap Support

Animate your lights with color loops! With unprecedented control over colors, durations, and fades for each step, you can create millions of combinations of cool effects, all within the familiar preset interface. (Philips and LIFX only) Combine animations with randomization and watch your lights come to life in unexpected ways!

Start with some of the Bundled Presets as inspiration or create your own animations from scratch. To begin, just go to the preset editor, select any assignment circle, change the number of animation steps, and pick some fun colors. The best way to learn how to use Lightbow is to play around!

While Philips and LIFX hardware don't guarantee latency or synchronization of events, you can still achieve some wonderful effects that previously were only possible with commercial lighting units.

Each circle represents the assignment of a color, animation, or on/off command to some set of lights. Presets can have one or many assignment circles. If you select an assignment circle in the preset editor, you can modify individual animation step colors and transitions.

In this screen, for example, by selecting the pink arrow in the middle, you can edit how long this assignment's lights will stay pink in the animation before going to orange, and whether it's a fade or a jump-cut. The "Overall Duration" slider is a convenient way to proportionately change the duration of all steps at once, here making the entire cycle total three seconds. If you need longer (or more precise) durations, just tap on the blue text displaying "3 secs" and you will get a custom popover.

If you own a Philips hue tap, the trigger editor will now let you assign a preset to each button. (Note: Lightbow will load the colors from that preset onto your bridge, but the Philips hardware does not support transitions (other than crossfade) or animations triggered by the hue tap.)