Lightbow is now available on the App Store!  Click the link to browse the product page:

Drop by your local Apple Store to pick up a Philips Hue, Philips LightStrips, or Philips Bloom. If you would rather order online, click one of the links below for home delivery of your Hue bulbs in hassle-free eco-friendly packaging from


If you are new to LED home lighting, this is the perfect place to start. With a Philips bridge and three Hue bulbs to start you out, Lightbow is ready to bring your room lighting to a whole new level.


LIFX challenges Philips hue with a wider color range and more overall lumens (brightness). While more expensive, you'll also get deeper greens and blues.

Click here to browse the LIFX store!


If three bulbs aren't enough, you can add up to 50 Hue bulbs to any single Philips bridge. Lightbow will even detect new lights you pair with your Philips bridge, and add them to your existing presets.

Hue gives you the best "everyday colors" on the market, whether you prefer an incandescent or florescent color temperature. You can also set the hue, brightness, and saturation directly for more "party" colors.


Want a full-featured Philips setups but still nostalgic for that antique lamp in the corner with a fancy old-style filament bulb? No problem! Lightbow now supports Belkin WeMo wall outlets, and lets you turn that lamp on or off with any preset.