Lightbow 1.4 - Groups, Color Conversion, and UI Improvements


The Philips Bridge has the ability to set up groups of lights within your setup. Groups make it convenient to affect any number of lights with a single tap, rather than dealing with each one individually. You can group lights by room, function or any way you like—lights can be members of multiple groups. Leverage groups to change colors in unison, or turn a whole room on/off at once. Group information is stored on the bridge, so it is instantly available to everyone on your home network.

Group Assignment.png

Color Conversion

Color Calibration.png

By now, owners of Philips hue lightbulbs have probably noticed something strange going on in the green part of the color spectrum. In order to achieve the brilliant warm & cool whites you would want to light your home, the red/green/blue LEDs inside hue's bulb are tuned to be slightly off the typical red/green/blue. It's an interesting (and worthwhile) compromise by Philips for most users, but you'll notice a distinct difference in color space from some of their other models like Bloom, Iris, Aura, and LightStrips, which are meant for for party/accent lighting and have less emphasis on beautiful whites. 

When you are working with a Philips Bloom and a Philips hue light in the same color editor, you'll see a split spectrum representing each color space. When you move the slider back and forth, you'll see the recalibration indicator update in realtime. Before, if you were to assign a hue around 75° the Philips hue would look orange while the Philips Bloom would be more of a yellow-green. Now, they will appear much closer to the same color (as hardware allows). Lightbow will be tuning and updating these color mappings with each version as we receive feedback from our users, and as new light models come to market.

UI Improvements

You can now duplicate a preset by tapping and holding on that row in the preset list. Since terms like "Color Temperature" and "Hue, Saturation, Brightness" don't mean much to many users, we're going with "Warm & Cool" and "Rainbow" to be more user friendly. ON/OFF switches in the light/group list now reflect mixed state, so you can easily see when only some of a group's lights are on.

Duplicate Preset.png
New Preset.png
Mixed State Switches.png